What We Do


Craft , Collab , and Explore.

    We handcraft each case as if they were our self-intiated projects. Each project is unique and customized for you. Often times with a great sense of humor. Either the way we work, or the outcome of the project
    Creative briefs starts the dialogue yet still has its limits. Let's face it, we will never comprehend your business as good as you do in just a few days. After all, any business isn't just made up of good-looking logos and colors. Practical business information and market situation can also contribute immensely to the creative process. This is why your participation matters. Think of us as your new creative team and we will sure shape the outcome aligned with your strategy and desired objectives
    We keep our eyes wide-open. This means we continue to search for new inspirations, cross collaborations with different partners, and explore new possibilities to tell stories visually. In addition to commissioned projects, we also reserve time for creative intiatives and valuable projects for good cause


Copy , BS , Procrastinate

    Once in a while we get requests to merely Copy & Paste someone else's work. Althought it's a no-brainer, but it also goes against our respect for the creative community and target audience. If that is the case, then we will have say no and good luck.
  • NO BS
    Uh. This is actually a hard one to explain. In a nutshell, we like to excercise our right and left brains with professional skills, rather than just "talk" about it. We want to make things happen, not painting a castle in the sky
    We enjoy keeping a fast-moving momentum, and once we get started, it's hard to slow down. Yes, sometimes projects gets postponed, or killed, we fully understand and respect our clients' decisions. As we mentioned in the "Do's" section, involving you in the project closely, also help us keep up with your pace.